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Spray Skirt Fit Help

Spray Skirt fit- the quick start guide

Step 1: Measure your cockpit rim- INCLUDING THE RIM ITSELF. At the very least, you will need the length and width. The most accurate measurement, though, is circumference. The measurements of many, many common rims can be found at

Step 2:  Use this chart to determine cockpit size:

Many boats may fall in the “in between” category. In this case, both sizes will most likely work, with the bigger one being easier to put on but less dry, and the tighter one being harder to put on and more dry. Also- rand skirts have less stretch, so when in doubt, err on the bigger size.

Step 3: Use this chart to determine your tunnel size:

Spray Skirt Tunnel Sizing
Men’s Waist/unisex
J-Lo Women’s Spray Skirt


We have also made a rather exhaustive video on very specific fit help:


10 Responses

  • Peter says:

    Hello there, I’am interested in buying the lucky charm sprayskirt. I am now using a wavesport habitat 80 with a “Langer” Sprayskirt( Big Deck 85-95, Waist size is 71 cm i think thats 28 inches). I need it for Creek/Waterfall Paddling. Can you please help me to get the right size? Thanx in advance


  • John says:

    Hey Peter,
    Normally, that size rim would be a Lg cockpit, but because it’s so wide up front, I’d recommend an XL cockpit.

    With a 71cm (28 inch) waist I’d go small tunnel

    Please let me know if you have any other questions,


  • Mani says:

    Hallo guys! I´m interested in buying the Kling on sprayskirt. I´m using a Jackson Hero but also using a Jackson Rockstar. And i want to get one sprayskirt for both boats! so what will be the best cockpitsize?

    Cockpit size for Rockstar: 21″ x 36″
    And for the Hero: 35″ x 20.5″

    I would think a Xlarge!

    Thanx for help!


  • Mark says:

    Hey Mani

    Check out It’ll depend on what size of rockstar you paddle. XL does sound like the best size for the hero. The XL will be tight but still useable for the large Rockstar (I think it’s a large going by your measurements).

  • Beavo says:


    I’m looking for a spraydeck for my squirtboat. The cockpit size is 69 x 45cm. Do you have any decks in this size?



  • John says:

    Hey Beavo,
    We really don’t have much to help you. Unfortunately we don’t design or make skirts for squirt boats. I would recommend skirt works. These guys do a lot of customer work and I’ve heard good things about they skirts they make for squirt boats. You can visit there site below. Sorry IR couldn’t of been much help, but hopefully skirtworks can help you.


  • David Howie says:

    I have a LL Remix XP10 on order and would like to order the Shockwave skirt. Tunnel size x-Large, Cockpit XXL, are you able to supply.


  • Mark says:

    hey David! Email and they will sort you out :)

  • andrea says:

    Hy guys, i’m interested in buying a sprayskirt. Now i’m using an exo xt 300 and the cockpit is:
    89 cm long, 49 cm large and 225 cm of circumference. Which size do i need?
    My waist is 90 cm so i think a L size could work. Do you agree?
    Thanks in advance

  • Mark says:

    Hi Andrea,

    The XT 300 is between sizes, it could probably take either a L or XL. If you are a stronger boater, then probably go for the L cockpit size.
    For your waist, the L waist size should work well. If you have any other questions, drop me an email –

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