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The Klingon Empire Bungee Spray Skirt features a front casing made with a laminated neoprene reinforced with high thread-count Kevlar™ This very costly strip is simply the best possible fabric when it comes to flexible abrasion resistance, making it the perfect choice for people who are exceptionally hard on spray skirts. The Klingon Empire skirt, with it’s high-tension bungee and extra neoprene extending out past the bungee make it a perfect choice for keeping even the most difficult rims dry. Typical use would include high-end playboating and on creek boats where all other skirt designs seem to leak.

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Size Chart

The most accurate measurement for skirt fit is the circumference of your rim taken around the outside edge of your cockpit rim. Most common rim circumferences can be found at SkirtFit.com. If your boat is not listed, you can measure it with a fabric measuring tape. If you don’t have a fabric tape, use a piece of string, mark it, and then measure the string. If you’re feeling helpful, submit the measurement to skirtfit. It’s a great website that’s helping all skirt manufacturers.

Because boat manufacturers are generally making rims bigger and bigger, we have had to adjust our deck sizes. We know. It’s a headache. But what can we do? Anyway. Our 2015 skirts have a light gray deck. These skirts will have a new fit chart- see below. Our older skirts have either a black or blue deck. They have a different, smaller fit- also listed below. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

More tips:

  • If your rim is in-between sizes, tighter will be drier, but harder to put on. If you are running class IV whitewater, we typically recommend tighter.
  • Bungee skirts tend to be easier to get on and drier, but implode easier. Rand skirts tend to be harder to put on, but are much more implosion-proof
  • If you paddle a Pyranha Burn or Everest, we recommend a rand skirt.
  • Proper skirt fit can be a process of trial and error. Have patience- we will too. Feel to call us with any questions. 814-395-9191
  • For rims bigger than 100″ see this article

Deck sizing

Medium Cockpit
Large Cockpit
Xlarge Cockpit
XXlarge Cockpit
Cockpit Circumference203.2cm-213.4cm218.4cm-236.2cm233.7cm-248.9cm243.8cm-254cm

2014 Deck sizing

Medium Cockpit
Large Cockpit
Xlarge Cockpit
XXlarge Cockpit
Cockpit Circumference203.2cm-213.4cm213.4cm-223.5cm223.5cm-238.8cm238.8cm-254cm

Tunnel Sizing

Unisex waist71.1cm-76.2cm76.2cm-83.8cm83.8cm-91.4cm91.4cm-101.6cm101.6cm-111.8cm
J-Lo Womens skirt68-1012-1416n/a

4 reviews for Klingon Empire Bungee Spray Deck

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Having used various rand decks for the last 5 years I was a little worried about going back to a bungee deck but the Klingon Empire is a solid deck that is drier and far easier to put on. I was a little worried before I put it on my kayak that the seal would not be that strong, but as soon as I went kayaking the first time with it my worries were gone. It creates a secure fit that I am confident is going to hold and so far so good! I am looking forward to getting it on some bigger water abroad to seeing how it handles but there is nothing that is causing me to worry that it wont hold up to the job. The Kevlar casing around the front was something I wanted too as this is the area that has worn the quickest on my previous decks so looking forward to seeing how is lasts.
    I want a deck that is easy to get on, dry and isn’t going to implode and the Klingon Empire provides all of that.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Vorab möchte ich kurz erwähnen, dass ich Teampaddler bei IR bin. Falls also jemand an der Objektivität dieser Bewertung zweifelt, besser nicht weiterlesen 😉

    Spritzdecken mit dickem Kanntgummi, wie bei der Royale oder Lucky Charm werden im schweren Wildwasser immer populärer. Das hat auch gute Gründe. Der dicke Gummi verhindert ein aufgehen der Decke wirklich zuverlässig. Gerade bei Wasserfällen oder massiv wuchtigen Rapids ist das oft lebensnotwendig.

    Wer allerdings solche Extreme meidet und einfach eine Spritzdecke sucht, die sehr trocken ist und dennoch bombenfest sitzt, ist mit der Kling on bestens bedient. Der kurze Überstand aus Neopren und die von Innen angebrachte Gummierung, sorgen dafür. Der Vorteil dieser Decke zu den “Rand” Decken ist simpel, sie lassen sich leichter aufs Boot ziehen. Im Vergleich zu anderen Markendecken, hält die Kling on meiner Meinung nach so gar besser. Voraussetzung ist natürlich immer die richtige Größe auf den verschiedenen Herstellerluken.

    Insgesamt kann ich die Decke wirklich empfehlen. Wer nicht scheut Sachen online zu bestellen, sollte zuschlagen.

    VG Timo

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is the first deck I’ve used that actually fits snugly around the waist and yet I hardly feel like I’m wearing it! The unhampered feel of the waistband coupled with the bombproof seal make it hard t beat, as far as I can tell (& I spend a lot of time upside down!)

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Hard wearing: My spraydeck of choice for the last 3 years of regular kayaking. In all of that time I have only just replaced it.

    Bomber: goes on easy- comes off only when you ask it to.

    Also proven to make you more desirable.

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